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Innovative and easy to use technology


Tourism Apps

Innovative and easy to use technology

Oli designs and builds innovative, engaging travel and tourism iPhone and Android apps, calibrated for both mobile and tablets.

The apps are a really effective digital solution for tourism and heritage sites and destinations. Oli’s mobile platforms deliver rich experiences that are designed to engage directly with your visitors, provoking their curiosity, stimulating them to stay longer, discover the wider area and give them reasons to spend more.

As a result of over five years of intensive smart development and investment, our travel apps are packed with innovative, useful features that elevate them above other ‘white-label’ products. Each app has its very own dedicated content management system, allowing our clients to update their own apps with fresh and appealing content, at any time and with immediate effect. The apps are also flexible in terms of functionality and support audio and video content, offline mapping, full travel directories, image galleries, plus social sharing functions and itinerary planners.

Oli have delivered a wide range of app solutions for the tourism and heritage industry.  You can see some examples of the apps that we’ve produced in the Greyabbey Village Heritage Trail and the Visit Wales case studies.

Also check out Oli’s very own Snout range of travel apps, live in both the Google Play and iTunes stores. See the Snout Website or the Snout Case Study to see our Snout travel series in partnership with The Guardian.

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