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PICKUP ™ Audio Guide

The personal experience

Be it a museum, visitor centre, exhibition or cathedral, our latest compact and easy-to-use PICKUP™ technology puts your visitor in control of their own personal, point-by-point audio tour.

PICKUP™ is a sleek, robust and lightweight audio guide that can store up to 100 hours of high quality sound, reproduced through headphones or the integrated loudspeaker, and triggered using infrared technology, housed on discreet ‘microtags’ around the tour. 

So not only can we script and produce an audio tour for you (see Audio Tours and Trails), but our end-to-end service means that we can provide you with the very best in technology too.  We are proud to be the UK partner of the innovative manufacturer and can make sure that you will be leading the bunch and impressing your visitors.  And importantly, in addition to the PICKUP™ delivering a truly memorable audio experience, it can deliver a sustainable revenue stream for your destination.

This stunning technology works by a simple point and click method, using infrared sensors placed anywhere around your site.  We will design sympathetic and appropriately branded plaques to host the microtags and your visitors literally just point and click the PICKUP™ handset at the plaque at each point of the audio tour.  One step, that’s it. With a simple twist volume control, visitors can focus on the tour experience, without the distraction of a complicated and cumbersome handset.

If you’d like to find out more, have a look at the Belfast Cathedral case study. Or better yet, pop in to try it for yourself. We know you’ll be impressed.

Get in Touch with the Oli team to discuss the potential for the PICKUP™ unit at your destination.

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