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Audio, video and interactive solutions

As the all Ireland distributor, content producer and installer for Blackbox AV audio, video and interactive solutions, we are pleased to provide a number of exciting and engaging products for a variety of different indoor and outdoor locations.

With a number of different solutions available, the team at Oli are at hand to help. Whether your visitor attraction is a museum, visitor center, exhibition or cathedral, there will be a product to suit your needs and, more importantly, your visitors needs too.

Blackbox AV have a number of outdoor solutions with the most popular being the U-Turn Round (UTR) which can be viewed in Antrim Castle Gardens and soon within the brand new sensory garden at the Belfast Donkey Assisted Therapy Sanctuary. The U-Turn round product is a wind up powered outdoor audio device that can play up to eight audio messages via a dial selection. The UTR also has ‘batwings’ which sit at the side of the device and contain written content such as your logo and track list. The U-Turn Round is self powered, immensely robust and easy to use. This product is ideal for audio trails and heritage sites and also allows attractions to track playback and other key statistics.

Another popular outdoor solution is the Solar Audio Post. These Solar Posts are perfect for taking your interpretation outside, with a solar powered outdoor audio solution that allows for up to six messages to be recorded and played back via the two buttons on the front panel. The Solar Posts are available in three different materials, oak, recycled plastic or metal. The Solar post also allows for attractions to track playback and other key statistics.

In addition to these outdoor solutions, there are a number of indoor solutions available. These include the popular Multi-Touch Kiosks that combine uncompromising technical performance with outstanding design. Boasting a powerful inbuilt PC component they are able to run any compatible software, bespoke or off-the-shelf. The Multi-Touch Kiosks are also available in a choice of finish or you can build your own bespoke kiosks to your specification and to suit your sites surroundings.

Another popular indoor solution, which can also be adjusted for outdoor use, is the Audiosign Touch and Audiosign Turn which combine both written and audio content into a standalone panel that can hold up to six messages. This interpretive solution is ideal if you have written content or visually appealing content to share with your visitor. These can easily be placed onto the Audio Sign or additionally we can design bespoke art work for the audio signs through the broadly experienced Oli Design team.

With plenty of bespoke solutions available, there is sure to be something for your attraction. Get in Touch with the team at Oli to discuss your individual requirements.

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