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Audio Tours and Trails

Discover the story on the move

We want to help you to enrich your visitors’ experiences in your destination.  Combine this with encouraging them to explore the wider area and extend their dwell time for the benefit of the broader tourism and hospitality sector, and an audio trail can be just what you’re looking for.

At Oli, we have scripted, developed and delivered almost 100 audio tours and trails. That’s something we’re very proud of, and our learned and proven expertise is evident in every word, musical overlay and translation that we’ve done.

To do this we work with you and local experts to carefully research a tour that will uncover the stories behind your destination. We know that it’s not enough just to inform. What we’ll do is help to bring your heritage and tourism sites to life in way that is moving and memorable, and that will leave visitors feeling proud to have got to know your area, and tell their friends all about it. That kind of marketing and promotion is worth it’s weight in gold.

Our professional copywriters have a wealth of experience in bringing out the very best in any destination.  We sympathetically research and script a tour, working with you, then record it using tried and tested voiceover artists.  We’ve learned that listening to one voice for a whole tour can sometimes be tiring for a visitor, so we always use two voiceovers, to create a conversational style that will engage the listener from start to finish.  Our professional recording producer and composer not only records the audio tour to CD quality, but adds often-bespoke musical underlay to further captivate the listener.

We also produce translations of your audio tours to make sure that your overseas visitors are made to feel at home.  Our expert translators localises the script so that it sounds natural to your visitors, and voiceovers are recorded using native speakers too.

Our audio tours and trails make sure that your visitors will depart having experienced the authenticity of the destination and having learnt something new and interesting – and want to come back.

To hear some examples for yourself, check out the Ring of Gullion case study with the Cú Chulainn Journey and the Fionn mac Cumhaill Adventure podcasts.

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